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Dovre ROCKs

ROCK : Contemporary, robust wood stove with smooth edges. Available in two sizes : ROCK350 and ROCK500. You can choose between 3 versions : standard model on 4 legs, on woodbox or on a tablet.

The ROCK family is the rock of support on cold winter nights. Its design is mainstream in the best sense of the word. The stove looks robust due to cast iron and, at the same time, smooth due to rounded corners, and fits in perfectly with a variety of interior styles. The fine and smooth cast iron edges of the large glass door create an elegant frame for the beautiful flames. The slam-lock mechanism allows you to close the stove door effortlessly, and it automatically drops into the locked position. Everyone will find something to their liking in the ROCK family. There are three models available in two sizes. The ROCK500 accommodates logs up to 50 cm and has a power output of 9.0 kW. The ROCK350 burns logs up to 35 cm and has a power output of 7.0 kW. You have the choice between a model on 4 legs, one with a handy compartment for storing wood and the ROCK on a tablet. Of course, this stove is equipped with the familiar Dovre technology, such as a sophisticated combustion chamber with secondary combustion, an airwash system that keeps the glass clean and a connection for outside air intake.

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