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Cast iron, Dovre knows how. 

Cast iron is an ideal heat conductor. The rigidity and high temperature resistance of cast iron are the best guarantees of the durability of your appliance. The Dovre foundry has become an expert in this field. Using the most modern manufacturing processes and ultrafine mould sand result in a smooth surface and precise measurement.



When you choose an enamel finish, your stove is not just a heat source, it is also an attractive decorative feature in your interior. The new Dovre enamelling process guarantees a high standard of finish. An enamelled surface is also easily cleaned. Your stove will look as good as new for years to come. You can choose from a range of colours, so your stove will be perfectly integrated into your interior.
The enamel colours are:

  • E6: majolica brown
  • E8: creamy white
  • E9: olive green
  • E10: glossy black
  • E12: white white
  • E14: light grey


Dual combustion system (secondary combustion)

The newest generation of Dovre stoves is equipped with a unique dual combustion system. Secondary air is taken into the stove from the rear. This is first heated and is then passed via a special baffle plate into the combustion chamber. This causes secondary combustion which consumes the remaining combustible flue gases.

Result: improved heat production and cleaner and environmentally-friendly combustion.




Airwash glass aeration system

The Dovre glass aeration system uses a spoiler to direct the secondary combustion gases along the window first. As a result unburned flue gases and condensates are kept away from the glass so that it stays clean for a longer period of time.





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