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Hardwood, such as from oaks, beeches, birches and fruit trees, is the ideal fuel for your stove. This type of wood burns slowly with calm flames. Softwood contains more resins, burns faster and gives off more sparks.

Use dried wood.

Use dried wood that contains no more than 20% moisture. The wood must have dried for at least 2 years.

Saw the wood to size and split it when it is still fresh.

Fresh wood is easier to split, and split wood dries more easily. Store the wood under a roof where the wind has wind free access.

Do not use damp wood.

Damp logs do not produce heat as all of the energy is used in the evaporation of the moisture. This will result in a lot of smoke and soot deposits on the door of the appliance and in the chimney. The water vapour will condense in the appliance and can leak away through chinks in the appliance, causing black stains on the floor. It may also condense in the chimney and form creosote. Creosote is a highly flammable compound and may cause a chimney fire.

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