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More info on the Dovre Warranty

Warranty terms

THE DOVRE WARRANTY is only applicable in the BENELUX

This Dovre fireplace has been made with greatest care from high quality materials to provide you with the best possible convenience, safety and enjoyment for many years.

As the user you have an important part to play in making sure that you get the most enjoyment from your Dovre fireplace/stove. We therefore advise you:

  • To read the manual and maintenance instructions carefully
  • To have your Dovre fireplace installed (or at least checked) by an approved installer. The approved professional will check whether the flue meets the requirements of your Dovre fireplace.

If it is a gas fire, the installation must be carried out by an approved installer, according to national and/or regional standards and according to the installation instructions provided.

  • To have the flue cleaned regularly

If a fault nevertheless occurs, the following warranty stipulations will apply:

  • Duration of warranty:
      • 5 years for cast iron surround parts that do not come directly into contact with fire
      • 5 years for enamel finish
      • 2 years for electronic parts (fan, speed regulator, thermal contact, gas block etc.) and mechanical parts (handles, hinges etc.)

The duration of the cast iron and enamel finish warranty is extended by 5 years if you complete the online warranty certificate within 3 months of purchase.

  • The installer will make sure the flue is of the correct quality and working properly.
  • The warranty period begins from the date clearly stated on the purchase invoice
  • Damage due to transportation is only covered after it has been reported within 48 hours after receipt and mentioned on the delivery note

The warranty does not cover damage to the fireplace or malfunction in the following cases:

  • If installation has not taken place in accordance with the installation guidelines
  • In case of abnormal use (see instructions for use)
  • In case of incorrect maintenance
  • In case of damage from external causes (electric shocks, lightning, fire, being dropped, flood, overheating the fireplace), during transportation, storage or installation.
  • If you have made alterations to the fireplace without permission from Dovre
  • If you cannot present the warranty certificate together with the original, dated purchase invoice
  • If fuel is used which is not sufficiently dry (max. 20% moisture)

Parts made of glass or sensitive to wear and tear (seals, vermiculite or cast iron inner plates within the combustion chamber etc.) are not covered by the warranty.

The online warranty certificate must be fully completed within 3 months of the invoice date; only then can you benefit from the additional 5 year warranty.

If you have completed the online warranty certificate carefully and in full, in many cases we will be able to resolve any problems quickly and free of charge on the telephone.

Complaints are only taken into consideration if the online warranty certificate has been completed and if the complaints are submitted on a complaint form with assistance from your Dovre-approved distributor.

The warranty is limited to replacement of parts that are found to be faulty. This replacement does not extend the duration of the original warranty.

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